If you purchased a ticket on the website (www.labodegavenue.com/events) to attend an event, you should expect a receipt and ticket emailed to you. You will be asked to present the ticket at the event to be allowed in. The ticket can be found in the email you used to purchase them. 
If you inquired about renting out the whole venue for a special event (weddings, quinceañera, birthday parties, etc) then you will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit of 30% from the finalized price. Price, and therefore deposit, may vary depending on the event and add-ons.  

After a deposit is made, a representative from La Bodega Venue will be reaching out within 24-48 hours, unless an appointment is scheduled, to plan your event and make sure everything goes as planned. 

Please note that no outside vendors (food, photography, decorations, etc.) are allowed at this time. You will have the option to pick and choose vendors from those associated with the venue. A representative will walk you through your options before a deposit is collected to ensure you understand what we can offer. 

The remaining 70% will be due at the start of the event. The renter is also responsible for damages, outside of regular wear and tear. If that were to be the case, a representative will be reaching out to the point of contact on the contract to cover those damages. Those damages will covered with the billing method found on the contract. 



No refunds will be issued at this time for any events hosted by La Bodega Venue. 

Deposits will not be refunded for special events in which the whole venue was asked to be rented out.